Professional Alliance Guarantee 

Who should I refer my clients to when they express a desire for property management services?

We know that making those connections, forging relationships and keeping those relationships with customers and clients strong ere essential to your success as a real estate professional.

We know that if we can assist you in maintaining those relationships everyone benefits. Forging strong alliances within our real estate community is what we are committed to do. Our relationship with you is very important to us. To encourage those relations, we have introduced the:

PMI Professional Alliance Guarantee

There are three aspects of our Professional Alliance Guarantee:

1. Your client will always stay YOUR client. PMI will always foster and promote your relationship with that client. If your client mentions or expresses a desire to buy another property or sell their current property, we contact you immediately to let you know. We will never try to solicit your client as a buyer or to get their listing.

2. To extend our appreciation to you, we offer a very aggressive referral program. Every property we manage as a direct referral from you as well as every property that comes indirectly from your referral will benefit you. You will receive a percentage of the management fee each month for as long as we manage the property.

3. We provide your clients and tenants with the follow:
• Transparency
• State of the art communications
• Superior asset preservation
• Prompt and accurate reporting
• Prompt funds disbursement

We want to be your partner in providing your clients with the services they need and make sure you are rewarded for your referral. To find out how you join the Alliance, contact us.

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